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....still 5/27/04
I took another quiz!

You surround yourself with art and music and are constantly driven to express yourself. You often daydream. You prefer honesty in your relationships and belive strongly in your personal morals.

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That's cool because it's so like me too. Take this one too! :) and this one:

discover your jack-o-lantern face @ quiz me
MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I'm insane! 0_0 At least for today.

FYI.... (still 5/27/04)
I took this "quiz" and got this as my warning label:
Hodge Podger is a restricted area. Authorised personel only

From Go-Quiz.com Woo! Not as cool as some others, but still funny. Um yeah...go take it!

Me and all my spootiness! 5/27/04
Today was ok. I had to run the 20 min run final (because I'm missing the last day of school for my sister's graduation) with the seniors today and guess what---I PASSED!!!!!! HOORAY!!!! I'm so happy it's over with because I was dreading it all year. Nothing much else really happened today. I took an Algebra test that was kind of hard, but then again, when are they not? Oh, and tomorrow I have a debate in Social Studies! UCKY! >P Me no likey! So today I have to gather some more info and quotes and stuff to back up our refutal. It's kinda complicated, but at least we get to go in groups. Oh, only 10 more days left of school! YAY!!!!!!! I'm so happy! I can't wait to go to Seattle! It's going to be fun. Hmm..not much else to say. I'm feeling happier today but I still have a cold.

Appalling Behavior
Oh my God! I just read this article about abortion clinics. It talked about what really happens there; the heartless ways they kill the babies (which they disgustingly call "specimens" as if they're some experiment and not a living, breathing human), how they trick the mothers into going on with the abortion if they change their minds, how men employees and even lesbian women employees comment on the mother's (for lack of a better word, and excuse my being graphic) vagina and months later (after getting the mother's # from the patient list) calling her and asking her out. This angered me so much! How could they do such things to the baby and the mother! It truly makes me think that they are evil, and they are not human, but demons in disguise, working for the devil and serving him. Anyway, you can see for yourself at: http://www.abortiontv.com/BabyPartsForSale.htm Warning: This may be graphic, shocking, angering, and disturbing! Be prepared to read some intense stuff!

I have a friend (Leslie) who is a senior and Thursday is her last day at school! :( So, in Printmaking my friends and I made a special card for her that had a magazine cutout of a peace sign shaped cookie (she loves peace signs). She really appreciated it. I got her email, phone # and address too so I can still talk to her. Also, I picked up my Art Show piece I had from pottery and today in Printmaking we got done with EVERYTHING! So, we had the option to put all our prints and everyting into a book, which me and Megan are working on now. In P.E. we played softball (AAAHH!!) I had to bat and I couldn't hit the ball! I was up there for like, 10 minutes just swinging. Then I finally hit it because I got angry and frustrated enough and then it hit the pitcher! :) I thought it was pretty funny because they were being rude to me. I was about to chuck the bat as far as I could anyway! Then I just found out last period that Scholar's Society had a meeting after school. (Nice advance notice, eh?) But, it was just voting and I didn't care about that so I came home. So, now I'm home. I decided I would put the sprinkler under the trampoline and jump on it because its SO hot today. It's so much fun, I do it all the time during the summer. I also have a lot of homework and chores but I'll do those later. Well, not much else to say, I gotta go jump! :)

Ugh...I'm sick. I have a cold, a sore throat, the chills, and a stomachache. Got into another argument with Megan. Went to Borders. Did homework until I was too weak with sickness to do anymore. Didn't eat dinner because I'm feeling sick. Not much else to say. If life at school dosen't start getting any better (which it hasn't) I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm feeling pretty depressed and hopeless. I don't know what to do. I guess I'll just have to pray to God (the one person I can always trust) and hope for the best. At least summer will be here soon.

Well, not much to say. Had kind of a boring weekend. Mom and Dad took me to Applebee's yesterday, then we went to Michael's to buy my scrapbook stuff. Today I spent hours working on my family album for French-I'm done, and it looks really good! I have a sore throat today, so I don't really want to eat much. Nothing really going on this week, but next weekend we get Monday off because it's Memorial Day! YAY! ^_^ Oh, and only three weeks left of school! I can't wait to go to Seattle and all the places we're going camping this year. I'm also going to apply for a job at the fair soon. Well, not much else to say. :3

The Roaming Gnome! 5/22/04
Ok, you know those Travelocity commercials with the Roaming Gnome who goes from place to place and sends photos of his travels to his owner, Bill? Ya, I don't know why, but I just love those commercials! They're just so funny and the gnome is cute! ^_^ So, I've recently become obsessed with those commercials. I hope there's a fanlisting... *_* Anyway, here's a link about the Roaming Gnome: http://leisure.travelocity.com/Promotions/0,,TRAVELOCITY|1751|mkt_main,00.html Anyway, yesterday grandma came over. It wasn't too bad. We watched Shrek and she fell asleep in the middle of it! Hee hee...Stayed up till about 1 am, got up at 9:30, sat around on the computer and did a little homework. Now the rents just got home and they said they'd take me to get some scrapbook paper for my family album for French. Anyway, not much else to say. And remember, Book with Travelocity: Don't Forget Your Hat. <:)> <---the Roaming Gnome

What a day. Once again Mr.John Kerry lover was being an ass. I hate it. Nobody even does anything about the way he acts to me. They don't try to help or ask him to stop. They all just laugh and tell me to lighten up. They don't understand. How would they feel if day after day someone would not stop harassing you until you broke down emotionally. That's what I feel like is going to happen soon, if life dosen't get better. I'm hardly happy anymore, I get angry more easily and get into fights like I never used to. I'm this close to cussing out everyone I see and beating the crap out of every other person I see. I especially hate, though, that since I'm the person who everyone goes to for help and advice, that when I need it the most, they don't even realize that I need it. It's as if I'm inhuman, a robot that everyone uses and then assumes dosen't have feelings of its own. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I think stress has a lot to do with it. In one good area of my life, I'm doing better than I ever have before in school and I'm nearing that 4.0 GPA. I guess I just have to keep going, keep pulling myself up again, keep praying and trusting in God, seeking help from family (but definitely not seeking help from friends since they are the problem) and always holding on to the fact that no matter how hard life gets, you just have to keep going and doing your best and trusting in God.

BWAH! 5/20/04
I took another quiz:
your eyes show intellect

which eye are you?
brought to you by Quizilla Yep, I'm smart. Smart enough to take over the world! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! *evil grin* Just kidding. Um. yeah. Anyway. Today was pretty normal. Not too bad, but nothing great. So, I'm just sitting around, avoiding homework again. Hmmm. Oh, this weekend my parents are taking off for their anniversary, and I'm stuck with grandma. Nooooo! Oh well, it won't be for very long and I'll be working on homework anyway.

YAY! 5/19/04
Woo! Ok, I'm happier than yesterday I have to admit, even though I was a little depressed and still upset from yesterday, I'm feeling better now. Oh, and I took this quiz:

Find your inner fast food! by Emily

I'm Arby's! That's also my favorite fast food place, other than Quizno's. Um...I've been doing more things to the site and to my desktop. I'm finally learning how to download fonts! YAY! ^-^ Ok, I'm happy.

What a terrible day. I friggin hate the world right now. Jeez, I probably sound retarded when I say that, huh? Today I got in an argument with this dumbass who I can't stand. The worst part is, my best friend is actually "friends" with this guy (yes, she's got a crush on him, I can't understand it). He's such a jerk. He supposedly went to this stupid thing where John Kerry was coming to a city in my state. I couldn't help that I blew up at him. I mean, he was wearing a shirt that said 'Fire the Liar' for crying out loud! I'm not the kind of person who would just sit there and take that crap. If I actually had the guts and I knew I wouldn't get in trouble, I would've busted a cap in his sorry little ass. So, I told him right up front that I couldn't stand Kerry because he is pro-abortion (of course there are other reasons too, I just hit on that topic specifically). He gave me the same-old, same-old "if-you-were-raped-it-should-be-ok-to-have-an-abortion" crap. Ya, ya, heard it. It's stupid, and simple! Just have the baby and give it up for adoption, it's not that hard or a big deal, life goes on, most likely you're not going to die from childbirth anyway so there should be no reason to abort the baby. Besides, it's MURDER!! He "said" he agreed with me that it was, but oh, of course if you were raped it should be ok to abort the baby, right? WRONG! That makes you just as bad if not worse than a rapist, because that makes you a murder, no exceptions. So, this turd was being such a jackass about the whole thing, and my friend was agreeing with him. I'm sorry, but I'm grateful that I'm not stupid or disrespectful to myself to buy into lies. So, the rest of the day I was pissed off and still am. I feel like there is no one in the school who I can talk to about this and who agrees with me. I need someone I can connect to. I have some friends who agree with my political, religious, and social beliefs, but I don't always see them. Maybe I should see them more. If I keep being put into this atmosphere with all this pressure and opposing beliefs, I'm gonna snap. I just know it. One day I won't be able to take all this crap anymore and I'll go crazy. Why is everyone in the world so STUPID?!?! I felt like my new motto should be "convert or die" but that was just because I was pissed enough to think it. Jeez, I hate democrats. :) <---me smiling at that thought *sigh* Oh well, in the meantime I'll find other victims I can rant to.

Hum dee dum...nothing too bad today. Megan got to skip school. I'm eating popcorn and talking to Megan on the phone. Megan says "hi"! ^_^

Well, I guess all my entries have disappeared. Damn you, Pitas! I seriously should find a new blog site. -_-

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